Artist Statement

The themes that my artistic works explore cannot be pinned down in neat or simple fashion. For just as the state of all humans emotion is usually in a state of flux – what may capture my aesthetic sense is also in state of flux from moment to moment.

The influences to my art are as diverse as the mediums that can be employed to express artistic expression. Particular artist that have captured my eye and heart include Pollock and Warhol. Collage and grunge are two particular styles that also draw my attention and lend themselves to replication through my work.

Ever since I was a small child I was internally compelled to express myself. Usually through photography I was able to find a voice that was clear to my intent instead of the childhood stuttering which hampered my vocal expression.

As abstraction might be employed in compared to sharpness, the viewer of of my visual expression is left to develop their own interpretation based upon their own background and context.